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Gang stalking is basically a large amount of people covertly harassing and abusing a select few people in our society.  Those few people are usually people who know too much, people who speak their mind, and/or people who have committed crimes of some sort.  

The first stage of the abuse is turning family, friends, and community against the victim.  The first stage is usually done by telling lies and running a covert mission to destroy any connections the victim has had with anyone.  

The second stage is information gathering, this is when the stalkers get as much information about the target as possible to use against them with help from family, friends, and the community.  

The third stage is usually when the real torture begins.  The stalkers generally hold nothing back and will do things to you or make you think things are happening to you.  With them following you, it feels like there is nothing you can do: family, friends, community, government, law enforcement, the work force, and more.

I have been a victim of gang stalking for a good portion of my life now, horrible things have been done to me and my family.  This is a real thing, and it could happen to you.  Nobody believes that it could happen to them, and when it does it is probably too late.  Imagine people getting paid off to keep silent or to go with it.  Your family and friends being paid off, or threatened and abused into going with it.  Most people don’t even have to be paid after they hear the information given to them.  After all, we all have skeletons in our closets.

The overall goal of gang stalking is to control the target into behaving a certain way that is appealing to the people in charge of the gang stalking, which differs from target to target I think.  Sometimes they might even want you dead, so they abuse you in such ways that might cause severe stress and emotional damage.  At the stage I’m at in my gang stalking experience I’m nearly catatonic.  People can say and do whatever they want to me it feels like and the numbness just takes over.

I can’t even go for walks in the community without people trying to provoke me into fights or verbal arguments.  Sometimes they are trying to get you to break the law, and if you do so then no one will care or believe you because at this stage you are probably in the mental health system.  My family and friends are all in on it so I have no one to turn to for help.

Basically my life has been destroyed and reduced to the point where I am easy to control and monitor.  I don’t own a car, I am socially castrated which means I can’t have a girl friend, and I basically live off what they give me.  My life has been one giant hell since I was 21, I am now 30.  Speak against and act against this inhumane treatment of others!  Here are some links on Gang Stalking:

Just do some more research if you are interested in fighting this, also if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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