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Gang stalking is basically a large amount of people covertly harassing and abusing a select few people in our society.  Those few people are usually people who know too much, people who speak their mind, and/or people who have committed crimes of some sort.  

The first stage of the abuse is turning family, friends, and community against the victim.  The first stage is usually done by telling lies and running a covert mission to destroy any connections the victim has had with anyone.  

The second stage is information gathering, this is when the stalkers get as much information about the target as possible to use against them with help from family, friends, and the community.  

The third stage is usually when the real torture begins.  The stalkers generally hold nothing back and will do things to you or make you think things are happening to you.  With them following you, it feels like there is nothing you can do: family, friends, community, government, law enforcement, the work force, and more.

I have been a victim of gang stalking for a good portion of my life now, horrible things have been done to me and my family.  This is a real thing, and it could happen to you.  Nobody believes that it could happen to them, and when it does it is probably too late.  Imagine people getting paid off to keep silent or to go with it.  Your family and friends being paid off, or threatened and abused into going with it.  Most people don’t even have to be paid after they hear the information given to them.  After all, we all have skeletons in our closets.

The overall goal of gang stalking is to control the target into behaving a certain way that is appealing to the people in charge of the gang stalking, which differs from target to target I think.  Sometimes they might even want you dead, so they abuse you in such ways that might cause severe stress and emotional damage.  At the stage I’m at in my gang stalking experience I’m nearly catatonic.  People can say and do whatever they want to me it feels like and the numbness just takes over.

I can’t even go for walks in the community without people trying to provoke me into fights or verbal arguments.  Sometimes they are trying to get you to break the law, and if you do so then no one will care or believe you because at this stage you are probably in the mental health system.  My family and friends are all in on it so I have no one to turn to for help.

Basically my life has been destroyed and reduced to the point where I am easy to control and monitor.  I don’t own a car, I am socially castrated which means I can’t have a girl friend, and I basically live off what they give me.  My life has been one giant hell since I was 21, I am now 30.  Speak against and act against this inhumane treatment of others!  Here are some links on Gang Stalking:

Just do some more research if you are interested in fighting this, also if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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28 thoughts on “Gang Stalking

    1. Could be more than one reason, I honestly don’t know. I’ve given up trying to figure out why as it was driving me insane. But if I had to guess then maybe I’m being targeted because I speak too much, I don’t believe in a god, especially now, and they probably consider me scum. What I do know is they have caused me a great amount of pain and suffering over the last 9 years. More so they will take every little thing and major thing you have done wrong and use it against you anyways. Whatever the reasons, all I know is their actions are inhumane. If I did do something to deserve this, at least have the decency to put me down and be humane about it. The amount of stuff I’ve had to deal with over the years is beyond what anyone should have to endure. While in some ways it has made me stronger, now I am numb to the world around me.

      1. I did a youtube channel a few years back and the host got abused more than anything (we we’re getting around 16 million views a month, so you can possibly imagine the level of abuse!)

        But the thing I learned was to try your best to not let them bother you emotionally in any way. Because short of physical harm, the only way they can get to you is for them to do something that makes you upset, and if you can make yourself not get upset, then they will be losing their side of the battle.

        I really feel that they are doing it to get a reaction out of you, some kind of emotional reaction, (even if that means blocking them, etc) so try your best to not react at all, if possible.

      2. I have had the same problem for several years now. I’m harassed everywhere I go. Grocery store, driving down the street, the gym, it doesn’t matter where I go. It’s all day, every day. Many people at work are also involved. People make rude comments in public (street theatre). When I finally convince myself to be positive and have a good day, they will hit me at once. My head immediately goes down along with my self-esteem. It’s a daily struggle I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I’ve been told I’m a murderer, a pedophile, rapist, arsonist, etc. I’m not sure who started all of this but it’s beyond impossible to defeat these perps. Like Asmiru, I’ve become numb to a lot of it since it’s the only way to cope.

        1. Im sorry you have experienced this. I’ve had a similar experience with the community I grew up in following coming out of the closet. I was called a lot of horrible things and had terrible experiences. Has this gotten better for you at all?

    2. I have heard that it doesn’t necessarily end if the people it’s done to move to another community. What does a person do to be able to address the things gang stalkers might be saying about them? If people aren’t communicating directly with the person who is being treated this way then it’s gossip. Is anyone asking why there is secrecy around doing this?

  1. Four years for me. Chemical castration, assaults, they tried to get me to have sex with a six year old, no friends left, tortured every night in the homeless shelter they confine me in. When I camp out they fly F-15s at 200 ft above my head all night. They threw tar in my hair until I had a bald spot, deliberately induce rage constantly and when I flip out use it as an excuse to attack more…. destroy all employment opportunities, drug me so my body gives out when I try to work. The perpetrators are often just drug addicts, but there are a few “professionals”. They’ve been drugging me with chemotherapy drugs…. I could go on and on. The whole thing is ridiculous. I yelled at the godson of a four star general. He was my roommate, and deserved to be yelled at. And they specifically target, generally speaking, white males with this stuff. Its a political thing. If you have the ability to rise in life they’ll break your knees over and over again. seventy percent of the people they use to attack you are going to be women and minorities, (unless they’re church people) although the first fifteen months was a genuine FBI counterrorism task force that tried to get me to make napalm, thermite, and/or run guns from south africa to north africa. Anything under the vast umbrella of terrorism they could get me on. After that, they destroyed my employment opportunities and forced me to drift, attacking me constantly along the way. The counterrorism task force was mostly mormon, in portland, oregon which is weird. But after they failed miserably they started using ex-military/ex-government contractors, and when they failed they recruited professional gang stalkers, drug addicts, felons, etc and often paid them in small amounts of cash and drugs. They cook and distribute meth, at least in my case, to finance their operations. F-15s are LOUD at 200 feet. They will get felonies wiped off someones’ record, they’ll give an immigrant citizenship, and, as far as I can tell, every church in the country has been hijacked. They’ll only attack you if you’re outstandingly intelligent and possess alot of common sense, because then you’re a danger to the state. I’m fairly certain that if a christian leader can’t be manipulated by these people his or her church is dismantled and they become a victim themselves. I’m not 100 percent on the theory that I’m about to postulate, but I think the russians won the cold war. I think they hijacked our government and merely transferred their base of operations. They also spent alot of time trying to get me to have sex with Male-to-Female transexuals and black women. Both of whom they know I’m completely unattracted to. Also tried to get me to have sex with gay men in general, because I’m not attracted to them. Oh, and starvation. I now weigh a whopping 120 pounds. The chemical castration keeps me from building muscle as well, which keeps me from gaining weight. This is also, without a doubt, federal. They’ve followed me through five cities, often the same agents re-appearing to rekindle our “relationship.”

  2. Rugby middle school in hendersonville, north carolina prinicple threatened to record and monitor me for the rest of my life. Putting me in this program in which every stage that is listed in this information would happen to me. And IT did. I WAS SHOCKED AT HOW highly touchy these rednecks would strike at me. I lost my girlfriend. I lost my fruends, i lost my personality, i lost everything good about me. Southern rural redneck conserative People are able controlling and read your mind. Which is the host of a gang stalker. I have also just recently been electronically harassed. I was sharing pictures from the past and those pictures i sent out were recently illegally unexpectely deleted. I tried to go back to my google photos account. But it was soon hacked and password was changed. SO i could access my photos. I try to use my backup email but it was also electronically harassed

  3. I have gone through this three times. I know the tricks of the trade of these ants (crawl out of their hidey holes to use vehicular stalking (brighting). Then hop away like scared rabbits if I get so that I can recognize their cars. I laugh at them this time. So sorry for what you are going through. Yes, their aim is to destroy. Ultimate aim in my case is probably suicide. My harassers/droids are mainly members of the Mormon Church (that is where it all started). I’ve added the Seventh Day Adventist to the list as well as the Catholic Church and services that deliver. I am pretty sure that people who have signed oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States particpate or look the other way. They are breaking the California laws regarding harassment as well as U.S. laws if they cross state lines, use the internet or phone to commit their harassment. I believe that what they do is supposed to be “shock and awe”, instead it it “Smoke and mirrors”. This Amber Alert type system to help them know where you are. Then the information just disappears. Also, like the weather warnings sent out. I hope to give survivors some insight, and tell them how I am surviving pretty well.

    Ann………a Survivor. I will try to start posting on both my wordpress site and here.

  4. This is my third go round. It started in 1997 with the Mormon Church. In my case in Petaluma and Sebastopol, California, the harassers appear to belong to really conservative “Christian” groups. A few have a lot of control over members. Got to go for now. One objective seems to be to get me to spend a lot of time and energy………time for my energy to go towards other things. I am collecting plates. If I ever join up with another target/survivor in the area, we can compare notes. Detailed description of vehicular harassment at my site.

    1. Ann, San Francisco. And like you, its pretty much fun and games to me. I will not break!!!
      My experience is some kind of occult/ government, super covert operations. Funded through the Homeland security department, or the CIA. Mybe some other government agency. Has to have $$$$ unlimited funds to operate as well as they do.
      They appear to have hundreds of operatives in the San Francisco bay area. If not thousands.
      Would love to sometime meet up with someone who suffers as i have. Compare thoughts, notes stories etc.

      1. I lived in San Francisco and was raped there. It was documented. Later a man I connected with on a website came up on Facebook as “CIA”. I saved his profile. It would be good to connect with other people from San Francisco to talk about what we experienced and if there are people we experienced in common. I can be reached through email at [email protected]. If the comments here send alerts to email I should get those also. I’d REALLY like to talk with some people from San Francisco.

        1. Hi No Name,
          A lady also from Petaluma has contacted me. She knows of someone in San Francisco and also Oakland. Look up anikaspar on Facebook and You Tube.
          Hang in there! I make fun of them to myself this time, but they are using no touch harassment, though I know I was drugged one night – replaced contents of my pill. Needless to say, I carry my meds around with me always.

      2. I am not going to say that there are scenarios out there besides mine.
        However, there are groups out there that do not need to spend any money at all to engage in this type of harassment. That is the part that is hard to believe. Why? In my case I can only make some guesses. First, mine was started by the Mormon Church, one of the wealthiest entities in the United States. They also have 9,000 members in my county alone. Only a small percentage of them and some from other very controlling, very, very self righteous groups. Super right, right wing far far right Christian groups. Mormons have great control over their members – from birth. They ARE a cult. I know that there are apps now that let groups stay in touch. I believe there is an app that works much like an Amber Alert to tell stalkers where you are. All they have to do is veer off towards where you are, pull out of their driveways and park in the street……………..and it seems like they are everywhere. No. I have seen many of the same cars 2-3 times. I have discovered that their are parking areas where NO ONE should be at certain times of day, yet there will be cars there. These sick people sometimes do like to go out of their way and double up in one car and then get in the other.
        Please see:
        There is a LOT of information there because that is where I started. To stay on top of things I make myself only do some much “writing” posting per day.

    2. I experienced violence and harassment, breaking my headlight and a window in my home and being verbally harassed in my home town and several along the way. I have some ideas on how this may follow people from region to region in some cases.

  5. This still sounds so crazy, that there are others that actually are going through what i have been for the last 19 years.
    I am definitely a victim of this. And it all started in 1998 soon after coming to San Francisco. I was a drug addict living in Golden Gate Park. At first i had nothing to do but blame it all on the drugs i was doing.
    Being followed, stalked, watched constantly, everywhere i went. I started to notice certain cars, trucks and people. That begain to look familiar folowing me day and night. Sometimes they take breaks, or periods of time go by where they are not doing what they do. But when they are on me, they are good at what they do. I have never been able to lise them.
    I have however, been able to, on a few occasions turn the game table on them and follow them for a bit.
    I have spoken to some of them directly, and they always answer VERY directly. Why are you doing this? What have i done to whom?
    It’s raining, you have a car why not just let me ride with you? Answers to these auestions are. Because. And not your business, and not allowed.
    First i thpught it was a psychopathic gang of Satanists, they are tied into the occult. But, at one time i came up with a training manual by an organization called Western States Information Network.
    This was in 1999-2000. I can’t get into the specifics here. But would be interested to tell more to the right people.
    All i can do is try and educate others, exposing them. And what they do. In the mean time, i do with them the only thing i can do. When they are following me, i wave to them, walk up and talk to them. Let them lnow that i know they are there.
    I take pictures of them, they HATE that. And sometimes i am able to follow them for a short time. I know where one of them lives. And i know where another works.
    I would really just like to get one of them to turn, or at least sit down and have a chat about why.
    But right now, they ignore me, and i gnore them……..untilk next season.

    1. Hang in there. Sounds like you are remaining in control by waving and saying hi. Yes, if you bug someone too long, that stalker will start questioning you or accuse you of doing something.

  6. I believed I was a victim of gangstalking after suffering from severe stress and anxiety. I read 100s of websites and peoples stories on being gangstalked and basically brainwashed myself into believing everything I read was happening to me. Luckily for me I had family support who got me help and after 2 weeks on medication I was embarrassed that I actually believed this was happening to me. I was diagnosed with a delusional disorder a form of psychosis. It basically means you have a chemical imbalance in the brain that makes you think irrationally and it does not help that all this crap is on the web to feed our thoughts. gang stalking is not real its all in the mind. please seek help..

    1. I have bipolar disorder and I am doing just fine, thank you very much. Yes, delusions can be caused for different reasons. However, I was depressed for a year after I was harassed and had other stressors. I was just going to write all this off as partly stress, partly being manic and partly some things did happen. However, when this started up again, this past February………………I knew just what to expect. When you are paranoid or delusional you might feel that people are pursuing you, you might see things that aren’t there. However, you don’t have computers stolen, ruby earrings stolen, a bedspread turned around, find a large bottle of vinegar in the fridge (I was willing to concede that I could have done that but) followed by the dishwasher soap the next day, find pills scattered around your sink, find cords unplugged, have your car keys stolen, have street theater done to take something out of your bag/purse, have 41 cars pass you on highway 116 going from Sebastopol to Cotati at 7:30 at night (5;30 maybe – but, never, ever at this time on a school night), And a LOT More stuff. It’s very easy for people to do. Use Amber Alert type notices. Sends out a notice and then it’s gone. Also, I know who my harassers are – groups. I have started seeing cars 2-3 times………….a few twice in one day in a very quiet town. Yes, there are some psychologists out there that think all people who believe in gangstalking should seek help. I am on my meds and doing just fine. Sleeping fine, working fine………making fun of them and staying in control. Be glad that your situation was not permanent. Having a mental disorder/chemical imbalance is hell, but gangstalking is against the law, sick, against Civil Rights law…………….and much more. My group was started by the Mormon Church. If you know little about the church, look up sites joined by ex Mormons. It IS a cult and the members will do No Touch Torture for free.

  7. I believed I was a victim of gangstalking after suffering from severe stress and anxiety. I read 100s of websites and peoples stories on being gangstalked and basically brainwashed myself into believing everything I read was happening to me. Luckily for me I had family support who got me help and after 2 weeks on medication I was embarrassed that I actually believed this was happening to me. I was diagnosed with a delusional disorder a form of psychosis. It basically means you have a chemical imbalance in the brain that makes you think irrationally and it does not help that all this crap is on the web to feed our thoughts. gang stalking is not real its all in the mind. please seek help…

    1. I have found that my group (highly, highly very far right, white Christian well controlled groups) is both in Northern and Southern California. I see license plates from all over the country (crossing state lines, using a phone or computer to harass is a Civil Rights violation). This is very easy to do. Keep in mind that it is mostly “smoke and mirrors”. Once you know how they do things it does not seem so scary and you can at least start taking some control back. I don’t want to get into electronic harassment and such because I do think some people who are harassers post replies pointing out how crazy that sounds. I want to stick with moves that can be easily explained. Your phone is a GPS. I can put my iPhone on privacy and turn off Wi -fi and go down side streets. Poof. the numbers go way down. Phones can be easily hacked as can computers. Phones and computers can be used to listen to conversations. If anyone thinks that is crazy look up the programs for sale that will allow you to do just that. There was a case a while back where the FBI legally was able to listen in on some mobsters conversations via their cell phones. The mob people were arrested. I think of the harassers as ants that come crawling out of their holes and rabbits when the hop away when I take pictures of their cars or plates.

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  9. I would be interested in speaking with anyone from San Francisco who is experiencing this. I lived there for several years and experienced some pretty traumatic and strange things. I would also be interested in talking with people from Colorado. I can be reached at [email protected]

    I am hoping that the messages here have the feature of sending notification to my email. I will be sure to check in here often.

    1. Love your attitude. Since my group is a religious group, I sing, “Onward Christian Soldiers” when I am in the grocery store – actually I hum it quietly. Mine are almost all white……………..White far right religious people. White supremacists? Maybe.

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