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The governor said state health authorities had identified 16 cases of Zika that were spread by local mosquitoes and criticized the federal government for failing to get more involved in battling the virus.

Fighting the Zika virus should be considered a priority in the U.S. Despite the locality and limited nature of the spread, it threatens the safety of the people. There are many issues in the limelight today, but it would be a  mistake for the government to not attempt to get ahead of this before it culminates into an epidemic with political as well as health-related repercussions.

The lack of government help has implications on government dedication even today.

“We still need the federal government to show up. The President and Congress have to work together. This is a national, international issue. It’s not just a Florida issue,” Scott said.

The people of Florida need the government to step in and help, where they cannot help themselves. They need the protection that living under this government ensures them. Acting today means letting the people know that their “contract” is working.

That isn’t to say that the federal government has left Florida to fend for itself:

U.S. health regulators said on Friday that they had cleared the way for a trial of genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida that can reduce mosquito populations, potentially offering a new tool to fight the local spread of Zika and other viruses.

They just need to be more present in this specific issue to show people that they are in fact doing something.

Source: Florida governor criticizes Washington for lagging in Zika fight | Reuters

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