As we noted yesterday, the FCC is trying to use the Thanksgiving holiday to distract the press and public from its blatant handout to one of the least liked and least competitive industries in America. As we also noted yesterday, trying to bury such an epic middle finger to consumers behind the cranberry sauce is an obvious underestimation of just how unpopular this plan is, and the policy, political, and cultural backlash it’s going to generate for years.

The problem for ISP lobbyists is that we’re entering an election season, and countless politicians are going to be tripping over themselves to distance themselves from the unpopular policies of the current administration. You’re not going to find a more unpopular policy than this myopic assault on net neutrality and the health of the internet.

That said, it’s important to remember that net neutrality isn’t a fight that magically ends with the passage or elimination of consumer protections, strong, weak, or otherwise. Since net neutrality violations are just a symptom of a lack of competition in the broadband market, it’s a battle we’re going to have to fight in perpetuity — or at least until somebody in the United States government discovers the fortitude and courage to actually stand up to AT&T, Verizon, Charter and Comcast and begins implementing policies that finally attempt to actually fix our obvious competitive logjam.

This is tiring, but we have to continue to fight for as long as we allow corporations to run our government.

Source: FCC Releases Net Neutrality Killing Order, Hopes You’re Too Busy Cooking Turkey To Read It | Techdirt

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