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Everyone is now making vague noises about offshore tax havens and how they should be shut down, or regulated, or something. But the plain truth is that no one really wants to do it. Britain, obviously, could shut down the ones under their control pretty easily, but they never have. The United States could effectively shut them all down by refusing to allow offshore shell companies in designated tax havens access to US banks. But we haven’t done that either. Too many rich people like things just the way they are.
 Interesting that these papers make so little mention of any U.S. culpability.


Source: Everyone Is Freaking Out About the Panama Papers—But the Biggest Fallout Is Yet to Come | Mother Jones

3 thoughts on “Everyone Is Freaking Out About the Panama Papers—But the Biggest Fallout Is Yet to Come 

  1. I think we’re going to find that these papers are going to be used by our media to target leaders of countries we don’t like (Russia, Syria, etc.) while leaving our allies untouched.. In other words, this “leak” might be a little too convenient .

    1. Yeah, keep playing out different scenarios as to where the U.S. will come into play. I guess we’ll have to wait and see! There are some credible hints as to who’ll be called out next.

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