NSA whistleblower responds to admission by Australian federal police that it investigated leaks to a Guardian journalist by requesting his metadata

Great comment over at Reddit regarding this article:


If only people truly understood what Snowden is saying and many of us have been saying for years and that is, the laws need to change. We’re not getting what we want simply by finding out after the fact that governments have followed the law because… the government changes the law so they are or appear they are following it.

John Clapper lied to the US Congress about massive collection of Verizon customers meta data so in response to that it was released that not only was the NSA collecting meta data, they were evaluating and sifting through ALL the data including voice, video and pictures and archiving what they couldn’t keep up with or keep for 5 years.
How many people were aware of secret courts officiated by secret judges issuing secret warrants 5 years ago? Sadly, it was done legally.

For protestors of black lives matter: It is currently legal to use deadly force if a law enforcement officer PERCEIVES that they are in danger of injury or death.

Think about how broad that statement is. Injury isn’t delineated as to how big a physical threat they face, but the real stickler as to why cops can keep blasting away is because of that word perceives.

That means, there doesn’t actually have to be a threat. It only has to be what a reasonable person would perceive to maybe be a threat. Pull out a cell phone, plastic toy gun, unloaded BB gun or be deaf carving a piece of wood with a 3″ knife like you’ve done every day for years and it’s open season.

The current laws assure that cops can kill, not use much judgment and if they feel like they could have bodily harm? Blast away and it’ll be a good shoot. Every time; provided they can describe what they perceived the threat to be and that they were sufficiently concerned.

Protests should occur at legislators homes. Where their families live. Not on the street it happens. Not in DC. At their personal residence. Their family and neighbors will make their personal lives hell until the laws changed or the protestors went away.

Source: Edward Snowden on police pursuing journalist data: the scandal is what the law allows | Australia news | The Guardian

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