Oh wow…can’t believe we’re done filming already! These past 4 days have been a constant on the go, location to location, coordinating people, and making sure people are where they should be on time. Now on to post!

Yesterday we got to work with the awesome Lyliana Wray.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 4.02.48 PM

She was completely awesome. She got her lines down perfectly and she’s just a sunshine to be around.

Today, we filmed at a beautiful house. Charles and our actor got to chill in a jacuzzi on a Thursday afternoon. But it was hot. Boy was it hot. We were lucky the past few days with the cloudy skies which rarely happens in sunny Los Angeles. The sun definitely came back with a vengeance today. We got what we needed though, unfortunately I don’t have any pictures. You’ll just have to wait for the video to come out!

Our awesome director Chris will have this edited in a jiffy and our campaign will launch before you know it!

I’m excited to get this out into the world and get the ball rolling on cleaning up our democracy one step at a time!

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