The Supreme Court this week halted President Obama’s
plan for restricting emissions from coal-fired power plants, one of the president’s signature initiatives. The court’s decision functions like a stop-work order. States had been creating draft plans to sharply cut emissions, due in September, so electric utilities could use them to decide which plants to close and which to expand. Now, states can freeze all work on those plans until at least 2017.

The Supreme Court, which consists of a bunch of grumpy unelected officials, has basically stopped all of the progress we’ve been making in addressing climate change.

Look at the various charts in this article that show how things would be if they hadn’t ruled this way. With regulation e’d be able to cut emissions, without, nope.


It might be time for the next president to threaten the Supreme Court like FDR did when the Supreme Court started overturning all of his New Deal measures.


Source: Did the Supreme Court Just Kill the Paris Climate Deal? Maybe. We Explain. – The New York Times

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