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Agreeing with everyone on your feed is boring and creates political apathy. Shake things up and become a social media freedom fighter, working behind enemy lines

Makes sense. Facebook is all about algorithms and providing you with only information they think you will like and not showing you anything that you may disagree with which gives you a distorted and unrealistic view of the world. The Facebook “bubble” as some call it.

The only way to get out of this bubble would be to not provide Facebook with a complete list of your friends and your likes, to be a mystery to Facebook where it has no idea what your likes and dislikes are, so that it’s algorithms end up presenting you will all sides of an issue… until those algorithms start analyzing your behavior again.

Perhaps the best solution is to get off of Facebook altogether, since the only reason those algorithms provide you with what they think you like is so that advertisers can advertise to you. I guess this is the consequence of letting our world be shaped by advertisers.

Source: Defriend everyone on Facebook if you really want to see the world as it is | Opinion | The Guardian

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