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The European Commission set up a website to refute myths published by the media in the early 1990s. Since then, the EC has responded to over 400 myths published by the British media.

Source: Debunking years of tabloid claims about Europe

Generally, it just seems explicit that, for democratic elections to actually be democratic, citizens’ right to vote must be accompanied by their ability to build an informed and TRUTHFUL position on the matters at stake. By lying, the media is not only deceiving the people, it’s stealing their democracy.


One thought on “Debunking years of tabloid claims about Europe

  1. Great article! For the obvious things like curved bananas, and Euro notes make you impotent, it’s very easy to point out the lies.. but I wonder how many lies the EU itself spreads? (Remember, governments are not the most reliable sources of information, which is why we have a news media that is supposed to question what our governments tell us.)

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