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There are a few factors to take into consideration when the 2018 Midterm elections come around. Trump’s presidency is a cause for concern for many Democrats, and the senate elections could be a pivotal point for liberals who want to gain control of Congress.

Midterm elections usually don’t get as many voters as presidential elections do, and voters end up choosing the opposing party for Congress. That being said, Democrats may have an advantage over Republicans in 2018. Also, with the way things are looking so far, in regards to Trump’s recent presidential orders, people may become more active in their political community and get out to vote come 2018.

Democrats need to win 23 seats in Senate in order to win the majority vote. The only problem is many of those seats were won over by Trump during his election. If Trump’s approval rating — currently at 40 percent — continues to drop, he could risk losing Republicans in the midterm elections.

However, how much of an impact could Democrats really have on Trump, even if they win the majority of seats in Congress? Could he continue making presidential orders, without any say from legislative powers?

It is safe to say that it could go either way. Democrats could rise up during 2018 elections, or nothing could change and Republicans would remain in power. It is up to the people who will actively vote and have a voice in the way their government is run when the time comes to make a difference.

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