Discount retailer Costco raising their minimum wage to at least $13-13.50 an hour shows that even in the discounted-sales-world, wages can be higher. All this talk of doom and gloom, lost jobs, etc. might be overblown. In addition, the more money people make, the more money they have to spend, which is why a minimum wage is important FOR the economy, not just for the people’s wellbeing.

Look at what the minimum wage has done over the years, it's gone DOWN!
Look at what the minimum wage has done over the years, it’s gone DOWN!

Looking at some of the comments below, it appears that the company treats and pays its employees pretty well.

A couple comments from Redditers:

I’ll have my 10 year anniversary of working at Costco in April. I never thought I’d still be there when I started back in 2006, but here I am. This raise should put me at $24-$24.50 an hour, with two bonuses a year, and 29 paid vacation/personal days.
Costco is a damn good company to work for.

Can confirm. I had a good friend that worked for Costco, and died in a car tragic accident. They provided all the food for his services, got flowers, fed his family, and the store manager even got up and said some really great things. Not much makes me appreciate a big business, but this really meant something to everyone that knew him.

Nice to see a big company taking the initiative on this issue.

Source: Reddit: Costco Raises Minimum Wage to at Least $13-to-$13.50 an hour

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