The Obama campaign just released an ad that shows Mitt Romney singing America the Beautiful while overlaying text of him sending jobs overseas, etc… a typical political ad you know.. makes the other guy look bad… plus his singing is a little out of key…

This of course infuriates Romney.. he’s like… “hey… if you think my singing is bad.. check out Obama singing Al Green!”  So he puts out an ad showing just that.. and he’s like “take that mother beep!”

Then Romney wakes up the next morning and the publisher that owns the copyright to the Al Green song is like “Oh yeah Romney.. you think you can attack my buddy Obama.. well.. eat this B****!” And proceeds to issue a takedown notice on the video.

And then Romney is like.. “Hey corporate America.. this is an abuse of power… you can’t remove my video.. that’s not fair, even though I probably voted for the same law that you are now using against me!”

Since Romney’s video most likely falls Fair Use, the laws so favor copyright holders over the general public, that copyright law is now effectively being used to silence even political speech as demonstrated by this recent exchange.

Romney’s video has since been restored, but losing a couple days in a close political race can seriously affect the effectiveness of a campaign.

That’s why it’s important that we be careful on how much power we give corporations with regard to copyright law and how it can affect you personally.

What do you guys think?  Let me know in the comments below.

Music publisher uses DMCA to take down Romney ad of Obama crooning

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