The notion that this paper was rushed to publication is false. In December 2014, the coauthors of the study submitted their findings to Science—a leading scientific journal. Following a rigorous peer-review process, which included two rounds of revisions to ensure the credibility of the data and methodologies used, Science informed the authors that the paper would be published in June.

The notion that NOAA is “hiding something” is also false. We have been transparent and cooperative with the House Science Committee to help them better understand the research and underlying methodologies.  We have provided data (all of which is publicly available online), supporting scientific research, and multiple in person briefings. We have provided all of the information the Committee, or anyone else, needs to understand, verify, or challenge the paper’s findings.

We stand behind our scientists who conduct their work in an objective manner. As we’ve said before, there is no truth to the claim that the study was politically motivated or conducted to advance an agenda.

I like this comment below the article, by Adam Starkey:

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, Lamar. How about you just turn over all of your emails so we can be sure these claims are not politically motivated?

Source: Congressman claims NOAA whistleblowers told him climate study was rushed | Ars Technica

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