House of Representatives


For the U.S to rejoin the Bureau of International Expositions in order to promote tourism, global branding and public diplomacy for the United States.

Designates the Jackson, Mississippi courthouse as “R. Jess Brown United States Courthouse”

Would require the TSA to strengthen their screening process for airport and airline employees

Requires the Department of Homeland Security to consider children’s needs into disaster preparedness planning.

Permits the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police to sponsor as free public events on the Capitol grounds

Permits the Greater Washington Soap Box Derby Association to sponsor soap box derby races as a free public event on the Capitol grounds.

Repeals the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration entitled “Metropolitan Planning Organization Coordination and Planning Area Reform”


Changes the selection process for the head of the U.S Copyright Office by creating a selection panel. Amends title 17 of the United States Code in order to provide additional responsibilities for the Register of Copyrights.


Requires additional entities to be subject to the requirements of section 552 of title 5, United States Code.



  • Confirms the nomination vote of Sonny Perdue for the Secretary of Agriculture
  • Cloture vote for the nomination of Rod Rosenstein as Deputy Attorney General


  • Confirmation vote for the nomination of Rod Rosenstein


  • Cloture vote on the nomination of Alexander Acosta to be Secretary of Labor

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