President Donald Trump tweeted some things over the weekend about the wildfires that have so far killed at least 31 people in California. He is claiming that the fires are a result of bad forest management in California, and he threatens to cut federal funding for such management in the future.

Firefighters have explained repeatedly why the president is so wrong, but CNN meteorologist Tom Sater broke it all down on Sunday to show why President Trump has no idea what he’s talking about.

“Forest management has nothing to do with mountain winds coming down the passes at 70 miles per hour. Or humidity levels in one hour dropping Thursday from 35 percent down into single digits, dryer than most deserts,”

Trump has been trying to open up the California forest to private logging companies for years, claiming it’s about preventing fires, when it’s really about plundering forests to benefit the logging industry.

Source: CNN Meteorologist Explains Why President Trump Is So Wrong About California’s Wildfires

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