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While the Democrat makes a pitch to minorities, the GOP nominee charts a different path.

The truth is both sides fall short in their strategies to gain votes. As sad as it is, the fact that this is being done for the purpose of winning the election is part of the problem because with that in mind, people cannot really tell what candidates truly believe in and what they pursue just to appease possible future constituents.

Aside from that, Trump’s mishaps are just more obvious. His campaign is based on blame. His attempt to unify the nation stems from blaming everyone’s problems on other people, including Democrats. He also does not really do anything to try to gain necessary votes. He runs his mouth and offends people, and is still convinced that his belligerence will get him the presidency.

Observation: A problem with Trump’s idea of following the law is that he fails to recognize that police officers must follow the law as well– even more so, since it is their job to uphold it.

Clinton’s issue is that she is making promises that she will most likely not be able to keep. That is normal for presidential races, but if she gets elected, all her promises and the failure to act on such promises will hurt her public acceptance.

Plus, because of the way that elections are, they make it seem as though problems that are rooted deep in our national history and society can be eradicated in 4 to 8 years.

Aside from the years of skepticism and fear, people forget that parties don’t stop disagreeing and create gridlocks that prevent action for long periods of time.



Source: Clinton’s and Trump’s approaches to racial politics mirror the fault lines of a nation – The Washington Post

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