Obama said that her struggles in the polls are due to bias. But for younger voters, our hesitance is about policy – not gender.What Clinton can do now is prove that she’s listening. Doing so could bear fruit in the polls, but only if she shows she’s willing to part ways with her billionaire friends and push for policies that are in line with what millennials really want.

What people are missing is the fact that there is a lot of anger at the current system and people do not want to see a continuation of “more of the same.” It’s the reason why Bernie Sanders was so pppular and it’s the reason why Trump is also popular.

Until Hillary shows that she will not continue the same policies where corporations, big banks and big money run the country, then, there is a good chance she will lose this election.

And, no, sexism is not driving this election, nor the Russians, it’s the voters that are driving it. The person that appeals to the most voters will win. It’s time Hillary starts listening to those voters, and what it is that they want, what it is that will make them want to vote for her.

Source: Clinton hasn’t won over millennials. And no, sexism isn’t to blame | Kate Aronoff | Opinion | The Guardian

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