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Canada’s only privately run jail, in Penetanguishene, Ont., will return to public control on Saturday after a performance evaluation found a public jail of equivalent size had better security and prisoner health care, as well as reduced repeat offender rates.

From a recent TIL post on Reddit:

Canada turned its only privately-run prison to publicly-run in 2006 after a study between it and an identical publicly-run prison found the publicly-run one had better outcomes in “basically every single area”

Great top comments as well:


The whole argument that government doesn’t run things as well as private companies is complete hogwash in this instance. And in other instances where they defund the heck out of a government-run agency then they claim it’s not being run well. Duh!

For-profit prisons need to show profits and they can only have rising profits if more and more people are imprisoned. Goes against common-sense, and in this case, they were able to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

Source: Ontario to take back control of private super-jail – Canada – CBC News

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