European council president dismisses claims by Vote Leave campaign that new deal with EU could be struck quickly.

This is really getting exhausting. The constant DAILY barrage of propaganda coming out of the Guardian threatening its readers with end of the world scenarios if the people of Britain vote to leave the EU and govern their own country. Here is the president of the European Council telling the people that the UK will face 7 years of limbo if they vote to leave.

None of these end of the world scenarios make sense, since the UK was fine before entering the EU and they are such an important trading partner with the rest of the EU, they will obviously go right back to trading with the EU like all other European countries that are not part of the EU currently do.

The unelected EU politicians stand to lose power should Britain exit the EU, so they are saying things to scare the people into voting a certain way. Plus, on what planet does it NOT make sense for a country to govern itself?

Source: Britain faces seven years of limbo after Brexit, says Donald Tusk | Politics | The Guardian

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