In the homestretch…

By Nikki | November 1, 2016 1

Happy November! With only a week left until this clusterf*ck of an election cycle is finally over, we are ramping up to keep democracy in your hands.  Get your smartphone and selfie stick ready … Continue reading In the homestretch…

Launching in T-?? Days

By Elin | October 28, 2016

We didn’t forget about you – and for those who have been refreshing our blog page every minute since our last one, we’re glad you finally have something to read. We miss … Continue reading Launching in T-?? Days

First Cut Done!

By Shirley | May 16, 2016

Chris has been working hard on making the campaign video look amazing! After looking through a ton of footage and sifting through a bunch of Pond 5 music, I think we have … Continue reading First Cut Done!

Done with Production!

By Shirley | May 12, 2016 1

Oh wow…can’t believe we’re done filming already! These past 4 days have been a constant on the go, location to location, coordinating people, and making sure people are where they should be … Continue reading Done with Production!

Half way finished!

By Shirley | May 11, 2016

We’re half way through and the rest will be easy! Our 2 longest days were Monday and Tuesday. Four different locations Monday and five different locations Tuesday. Four different talents involved Monday … Continue reading Half way finished!

Second Day of Location Scouting!

By Shirley | May 6, 2016

Today we explored the arts district in downtown Los Angeles to find our final locations. Good thing we did too because we found the perfect spot for one of our scenes! You … Continue reading Second Day of Location Scouting!

Finalizing Talent

By Shirley | May 5, 2016 1

Phew…it’s tough working with many people and juggling everyone’s schedules. For this campaign video, we are working with 17 actors and actresses. It has been great meeting these individuals earlier this week … Continue reading Finalizing Talent

First Day of Location Scouting!

By Shirley | May 2, 2016 1

What started off as a gloomy morning, turned out to be a productive start to finalizing our campaign video shoot next week! We went from Silver Lake to the Americana to all over … Continue reading First Day of Location Scouting!