It might seem incongruous. What would the nationalist, brash Trump have to gain from the aging socialist Sanders? Well, maybe quite a bit. Trump explicitly proclaimed during the campaign that he was going to take a page from Bernie’s playbook, much to the consternation of conservative pundits. “I’m going to be taking a lot of the things Bernie said and using them,” Trump declared in April.

And indeed, Trump followed through on the pledge: He made opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership a centerpiece of his campaign, thus emphasizing an area of agreement with Sanders. (Trump has since confirmed that the trade deal will be canceled.) He called for a reduced U.S. military presence abroad. And he even repeatedly defended Sanders before millions of people at the televised debates, pointing out that he’d been screwed over by the DNC and Clinton minions.

It seems like a smart idea, Bernie should go and meet with Trump. They might actually get along and be willing to work together on some ideas. Who knows?

Source: Bernie Sanders should pay Donald Trump a visit – NY Daily News

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