Being Blasted

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I have been a victim of organized stalking for my entire life I am now coming to realize and understand.  I have been falsely accused and sent to prison with the police lying on the stand…..the DA “threw the case file did a rasperrry with his lips or moaned as he leaned back in his chair put his hands on his head and leaned back”  He later dropped it to someone else. etc i had a total of five DAs and three or four Public Pretenders……they TOLD me i was set up……how did my family let me rot in Los Angeles County Jail Twin Towers for Seven months…..yes 7 months and they could not get the video tape of me “robbing a fucking doughnut shop” for seven months…..then they “could not find a player” ummmmm go to fucking Goodwill and get a VCR and play it. I called the cops.  Where was my 911 call.  Hello?????  People do not think this is going on. It is so exhausting to live a life of being a target.  You have no idea.  It is like a show. A “flash mob” see they show you that this kind of thing CAN be done and HOW it is done.  cell phones tell the druggies or the asians walking little white dogs trying to get my dog riled up lol she is too frikkin smart she has perpdar.

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