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How do I feel right now, as I listen to “Let it Be” by the Beatles? Well… I feel duped, bamboozled. I didn’t like what Trump had to say during his campaign. He was supposed to be a fresh, non political face. A hero to help us extinguish the nasty game politicians love to play and have played for decades. I found disgust at this rhetoric. I argued with family and friends who adored his message. All I saw was hate.

Now…now he has won, using the very tactics he proposed to hate and want to change. Now he is in office and he changes…switches! To a reasonable, interested partner for our Republic! WHY didn’t he do this from the beginning?? Was he afraid he wouldn’t win? Bernie was doing a fantastic job with his positive message. Why did Trump have to be the ying to his yang. And sooo many people followed him, loved him, chanted his name. I stood aside not believing what I was seeing.

My problem…he is now showing what a good man he really is. I feel…horrible. I cut ties with my sister over this. How could I be so wrong?? How do I call her and tell her I am sorry. Am I sorry? Do I do a 180 and trust this man who angered so many cause he decided to play nice now.

The way he treated people in his campaign must never be allowed to happen again. We need to vote for people who are not willing to change their convictions just to suit the situation. He is just like the rest. Singing and dancing to which ever tune starts to play to make his fans happy. He should have done things from the beginning to show us who he is and what he wants for us. ALL of us. Not scare half the country to death then say “SIKE!” I am so depressed right now. We the people will steer this country with our honest convictions. I trust politicians no more. As of now…I am the watcher on the wall.

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