Tricky, tricky.

From a commenter in Reddit:


They know they look bad if they argue against net neutrality, so they make it seem like they promote net neutrality while arguing against the Title 2 classification, which basically enforces net neutrality. If they can destroy the FCC and the Title 2 classification, they will have free reign to turn the internet into a modern version of cable TV while they double dip and charge websites for premium access and force everyone else into the ‘slow lane’.

Congress keeps talking about ‘fast lanes’, which gives the uninformed the impression that they could make their content load faster, which seems reasonable to them. The real talk should be on creating ‘slow lanes’ because right now, content is on a level playing field. Nothing can load faster without major infrastructure improvements.

Internet should be a considered a utility. Privacy and encryption should be the focus. Instead that is the next victim if bought and sold politicians get their way.

Source: AT&T’s ‘support’ for net neutrality means tricking customers to fight against it – The Verge

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