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A look at what ‘less than lethal’ options could be made available and what the impact could mean

Today, we generally believe that only force can combat force. To have technology that proves otherwise can alter that mindset, which then can lead to less deadly outcomes and hope for a greater respect for humanity.

But then again, virtually anything can be lethal. So the actual hope may well be that this will help people realize human worth, and not exploit non-lethal weapons for lethal purposes.

At the end, the technology doesn’t really matter, the person handling it does. There needs to be a moral revolution in this respect, before a technological revolution can do any good.

Tech is only as dangerous as the person wielding it.

But there are upsides. For example:

Based on the cases I have studied, suicide-by-cop is one of their most common exit strategies. Ironically, then, the police who killed the Orlando and San Bernardino attackers after they refused to surrender may have given them exactly what they wanted. Once future mass shooters realize they will not be killed by police and will have to face the consequences of their crimes, some may reconsider attacking in the first place.

If this is true, then this can be good for society.

Source: Analysis: Police use of deadly force could be solved by technology –

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