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Prosecutors called Brock Turner a “predator” and the “face of campus sexual assault.” But his defense attorney said Turner was just a college kid who committed a mistake, not a crime.

Washington Post….your spin of this case is all sorts of wrong. I don’t care if he was an “all-American athlete” or want to know about his “once bright future” and hear his life’s story about his swimming career. He committed sexual assault on the body of an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. Those are all the facts you need. It’s not the alcohol. It’s not a “college kid who committed a mistake”. What he did is a crime. He is old enough and smart enough to know what he did is wrong. As an adult, he should be convicted of his crime. Done.

His whiteness and status should not mean he gets a pass, which is basically what he’s getting considering he’s only getting 6 months in jail where as others would have gotten 10 years of jail time.

I shake my head at you Washington Post…and the judge who gave him a lighter sentence because anymore would have “too much an impact” on his future.

Source: All-American swimmer found guilty of sexually assaulting unconscious woman on Stanford campus – The Washington Post

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