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Some of the last doctors remaining in rebel-held eastern Aleppo have written an open letter to US President Barack Obama, pleading for his help.

It’s easy to read and hear about the horrors of war, but to experience them, by choice, in order to help others, is on a level of its own. Policymakers can condemn bombings all they want, but that isn’t going to change the reality of Aleppo’s troubles. President Obama is not helping anyone by just talking. Only through action could anything change.

It is ridiculous to see war prioritized over humanity. The people of Aleppo, trapped by a conflict they were forced to bare, are the true sufferers. The war is to fight terrorism, but what kind of a war pushes innocents to bitterness and hatred instead of showing them the light at the end of the tunnel? How can we wage a just war for the purpose of making the world safer, when we do not consider the lives that that same war destroys?

If everything is done within the political lens, then maybe the government should consider this: giving people hope for a better life makes them less averse to our policies, whereas showing aversion towards their undeserved pain, creates intolerance and hatred, indirectly perpetuating anti- Western sentiment.

In other words, helping someone that needs it gives them a reason to respect and believe in you.

Source: Aleppo’s last doctors write open letter to Obama –

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