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Tens of thousands of asylum seekers are languishing in camps, with more trickling in, and neither Western and Northern Europe nor Turkey are doing much to help.

The EU’s limited and half-hearted response to the refugee crisis is purely shameful. It is understandable that many countries cannot cope with the influx of refugees, but to cut short the promises they made to people who literally ran for their lives, is unproductive and aversive. People looked to these countries for hope, and all they got was disappointment, to the point where some regret not staying and risking death.

Plus, the EU has left multiple thousands of refugees in wait in none other than Greece. Greece has been blamed for its economic problems for years, and now Europe has left it out to deal with an influx of refugees. It can’t cope with providing for its own people, but must now provide for a whole new group. How is that rational or even helpful? That subjects both the host nation and the refugees to an array of issues.

The West has responded less that admirably to the refugee crisis. They are creating a stalling tactic by cutting off resources for processing. Even worse, some countries, like Turkey, are using these people’s pain and suffering to benefit themselves:

Mr. Erdogan has set off further alarms by hinting that the European Union deal could collapse by October should Europe fail to uphold a part of the bargain to grant Turkish citizens visa-free travel to Europe.

How is this acceptable when:

Children with runny noses and mosquito bites smiled sweetly and clung to visitors, taking them by the hand and beckoning them to inspect the sordid alleyways between the tents. Almost no one had been processed for asylum. And some worried that recent attacks in Germany by two Syrian refugees would lead Europe to turn them all away.

It is absolutely heartbreaking and begs the question, what is wrong with society today that innocent people by the thousands, who only wanted, and were frankly, promised safety, are subjected to hatred, poverty, and indefinite uncertainty?

How are their lives contingent upon something so comparatively pointless as visa-free travel?

And most important: Why is this the condition of humanity today? 

Source: Aid and Attention Dwindling, Migrant Crisis Intensifies in Greece

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