After Glen Grays, a 27-year-old African-American mail carrier, shouted at four plainclothes police officers, he was handcuffed, frisked and taken to their unmarked car.

Postal worker almost gets hit by unmarked police car driven by undercover cops, he yells at the car to watch out and finds himself arrested? Hmmmm.

Couple more comments on this video:

1 – Isn’t it a federal offense to interfere with postal delivery?

2 – What is up with cops seemingly always PRETENDING that the person is “Resisting Arrest?” – could it be that they actually have no reason to be arresting the person and just make that up IN ORDER to arrest the person?

3 – How many public resources are being used up for these flagrant abuses of the system?

4 – And, if this goes on WITH camera phones recording the situation, what about all the times when a camera phone is NOT recording?  How many “resisting arrest” charges are completely false but unprovable because it’s the word of the arrestee vs. the cop?

If you watch the video to the end, you REALLY get pissed off at the cops!

Source: A Mailman, Handcuffed, in Brooklyn –

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