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Obama and Kerry say there is no military solution to the war. Russia and Syria think there is.

One of the truly most remarkable miscommunications in this war is between the U.S. and Russia. Both are on the same coin of unity, but on completely different sides. Both the United States and Russia understand that this war cannot be won by a single power, or a single side. Rather both sides must come together to completely liberate the tormented city of Aleppo. However, they cannot see eye to eye what exactly defines unity in this aspect. Russia believes that it is only through unity with President Bashar-al-Assad that can win this war, and the U.S., with the rebel groups.Similarly, Russia believes that the war can be won through fighting outright, whereas the U.S. believes negotiations will solve the conflict. Fighting and negotiation both require mutual cooperation, a form of unification toward a single goal.

The cease fire failed not for the lack of trying, but for the lack of mutual agreement on the large nuances. Both sides believe in a united front against terrorists in Syria. Both believe in a united attempt to ameliorate the helpless people stuck in Aleppo. Yet despite their overarching similarities, the seemingly insignificant detail of alliance within the war-torn nation is what completely demolishes any hope of success.

This war is abound with mistrust and is single-handedly being shaped by it. That is the problem that the allies need to face if they want to defeat the terror threats. First they must contend with their own issues and put them to bed, as the issue of alliance is perpetuating more conflict and suffering.

Source: A ferocious assault on Aleppo suggests the U.S. may be wrong on Syria

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