Veteran Google employee Vint Cerf said people should just ‘use their brains’ to spot fake news.

“Some people would like to find a way to suppress what they consider to be misinformation, fake news, and hate speech,” said Cerf, likely referring to Germany’s government. “The problem that I believe we encounter as soon as we start doing that is who decides and on what grounds to suppress content.

“When you begin asking for mechanisms to automate that, you start down a path which is pretty scary. It’s the same path that the Chinese have already gone down. Is that really where you want this country to go? That’s not where I want this country to go. It’s not where I want America to go either.”

Who determines what’s fake? I’m sure questioning WMDs in Iraq would have been considered fake news back then. Automating it makes it even scarier, since it really could be used as a means of censorship and controlling the dissemination of information.

Source: Vint Cerf said people should ‘use their brains’ to spot fake news

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