Congressman Lamar Smith, really tried hard to get his SOPA bill passed before Christmas. Over a 2 day period, watching a bunch of really old guys repeatedly state that they are not nerds, try to enact laws that would change the functionality of something as important as the Internet, really pissed off a lot of people.

Thankfully, they recessed over Christmas.. which, allowed the nerds rise up and seek revenge against these politicians!  On January 18th websites like Wikipedika, Reddit as well as 115,000 others, went dark in protest for the day…. even Google censored its logo… and politicians suddenly started to change their minds about supporting SOPA.

Former Senator Chris Dodd, freaked out and said that all the people participating in blackout day were “corporate pawns.”

Oh really Mr. Dodd?  Who are the “corporate pawns” here?

Thankfully the Internet community reminded the 435 representatives that the millions of us voters here are in charge… not a couple of corporations.

So good job everyone.. thanks to you, that piece of legislation has been shot down!

Here are some links to what went down:

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Now a new battle is in the works:

ACTA ‘Is More Dangerous Than SOPA’

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