The 2016 presidential election marks the first without the protections of the Voting Rights Act in place. Confusing, restrictive, or unclear voting laws in states like North Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi have cropped up as a result. A total of 14 states have more restrictive election laws than they did in 2012, including brand new voter-ID requirements.

What do you do if you witness an act of voter suppression take place, or get turned away at the polls yourself? The first step is to call your local election officials—they’re the ones with the immediate ability to assist you. You can find your local election office through the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s Local Election Office search.

With all this talk of voter fraud this election, the one true voter fraud stunt is voter suppression. If you encounter it, here are some numbers you can call.

Source: 6 Hotlines to Call about Voter Suppression at the Polls | The Daily Dot

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