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New technologies from games to the internet of things are integrating every aspect of our lives into a global network that serves monopoly capitalism

4000Pokémon Go should be viewed as an important breakthrough that can’t be defined properly without taking into consideration the total colonisation undertaken by Silicon Valley through the “internet of things” (absolute integration of our vehicles, homes, tools into the network), “smart cities” (acquisition of our cities’ infrastructure by Silicon Valley), social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Google, transport innovations (drones, Tesla Motors, etc), “big data”, total surveillance, AI, VR, and last but not least, immortality (Silicon Valley’s dream that we will upload our brains and live forever).

All these fields of massive investment and radical innovation transform our reality in such a profound way that every aspect of our lives will soon be integrated into a big global digital “network” which is already, for the first time in human history, enabling the creation of a constantly interconnected global brain.

Source: Pokémon Go is just the start – Silicon Valley is taking over our reality

Is technology helping us broaden our minds or is it homogenizing the way we see reality? Is technological dependency making us more critical or more manipulable?

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