Astudy by Princeton & Northwestern Universities has shown that statistically, organized special interest groups and the economic elite 82% of the time get laws shut down that they don’t like and 45% of the time they get the laws they want passed.

The PUBLIC, on the other hand, that’s you and me, well, we have statistically ZERO PERCENT influence on any laws. The ONLY time we get our way is when our desires happen to align with those of the above economic elites.


The result of this massive disparity of influence on our government by these economic elites, is that we’re seeing the middle class disappear, which is a bad thing, and the gap between the rich and the poor is growing so wide, bad things are potentially brewing on the horizon!

So how does Underground Network plan to counteract this disproportionate influence that the economic elite have on our government?


How do we do that?

No big piece of legislation occurs in our government without a LOT of money being behind it.

So all we have to do is follow the money and more specifically:

We focus on the intersection where MONEY meets LEGISLATION

Here’s how we do it.

Every time a major law is being introduced, we make a quick 30 second video explaining the law and we ask 3 important questions:

  1. Who is proposing the law?
  2. Is there a potential conflict of interest?
    1. Does the politician get his or her campaign money from the industry affected by the law?
    2. Does the law appear to benefit you or the corporations, or both?
  3. How would you vote on such a law?
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1) We produce a quick 30-second video describing an issue/policy/law, who it benefits, who’s proposing it, and any potential conflicts of interest (ie: where the money’s coming from and who benefits).

2)  “Ding-Ding!” A notification on your smartphone alerts you to the new policy with a fun video telling you exactly what it is. YOU get to vote – right on your smartphone – and leave video or message comments if you’d like.

3) The follow up! We bring our lobbyists and film crews to DC to show them your votes. There’s nothing like being put on public display to hold politicians accountable.  A tad extreme? You betcha.

4) See it all! We film the whole process and put these politicians on the spot.  And if they don’t do what you want? Then it’s “good-bye” to their job, and they will be replaced with other more responsive representatives.