Enlarge / Details of Breath of the Wild‘s two announced DLC packs, from the video announcement this morning. (credit: Nintendo)

Post-launch downloadable content (DLC) has become almost standard for any kind of big-budget, epic adventure game these days. Nintendo’s popular Zelda series has resisted this trend until now, as the company announced today that Breath of the Wild will see two DLC packs released later this year.

The packs, sold together in a bundle for $19.99, will be released in the summer and the holiday season. Those who purchase them starting on March 3, however, will get instant access to three in-game treasure chests that contain “useful items” and “exclusive in-game clothing.”

The Summer DLC pack contains a number of gameplay features that some may think should have been part of the base package, including: a “Cave of Trials” challenge mode; a more difficult “Hard mode”; and an amorphous “additional map feature.” The holiday season DLC pack fits closer to the usual expectations for this kind of post-launch DLC, including a new original story, new dungeon, and “additional challenges.”

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Source: In Zelda first, Breath of the Wild will get post-launch DLC | Ars Technica

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