How it all works

Every time the government is about to enact a law:

  1. We make a short video explaining the law
  2. Who’s proposing the law?
    1. Which politician
    2. Is there a potential conflict of interest?
      1. Where does that politician get their campaign dollars from? What industry? What Interest Groups?
      2. Does this law fall within that industry or interest group’s interest?
    3. Does the law appear to benefit you or a particular industry or special interest group?
  3. How would YOU vote on such a law?
    1. You vote right on your smartphone.
    2. You can also record your opinion in video or write it out.
    1. Who tell the politicians EXACTLY how you want them to vote on this issue
  5. We film the whole process for a TV show.
    1. Thus putting pressure on the politicians to do their job and to properly represent the wishes of the people he or she represents.
    2. We will be relentless in this pressure.
    3. And you can watch it all each week.

We research the law, see who’s proposing the law, is this congressperson receiving campaign funds from the industry that this law affects, thus exposing a potential conflict of interest, and by exposing that potential conflict of interest, does the law appear to be benefiting the corporations in that industry, or is the law designed to benefit us, the citizens of the country.