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Here is a short book(let) “The Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy” by Warren Mosler, a former Wall Street Trader and Hedge Fund guy.

This booklet is very easy to read and will give you a whole new perspective on how money works, called Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), though modern in their terms means within the past 4,000 years. It is truly an eye-opener when you first read it and it's all so simple, even a child can understand it.

You can download a PDF version of book, but the recommended version to read is the version for your iPad, mobile device or Kindle available below.

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Full Version (122 pages)

Abridged Version (90 pages)

Shortest Version (73 pages)

Or you can download the PDF. There is the full version an abridged version or the shortest version here.

These are all updated versions of Warren’s original PDF which can be found here:

Warren is a friend of ours and we’ve made these updates with his knowledge.

For all you “short-attention-span” people, we are working on a series of videos – so stay tuned for that.